I Lost

The way your eyes danced when I made you laugh. The shyness, you still had, when I kissed you deeply. The fact your face was the first thought my mind found, when a familiar song started. Honestly, that still happens. When you whispered those words, that you later admitted couldn’t be true. Those words, that my heart rejoiced in hearing. The warmth of your touch, on the coldest mornings and hottest nights. The cute way you would sing, when you didn’t know I was listening. Your dedication to hearth and home. The times you tried, when I didn’t. The fact we shared wins, losses, and laughs no one else could ever get. The way your voice and eye rolls would reassure me. These things I lost, when you realized it was over.

Pious Perches

The world is discovering what the elect had discerned.  You had held sway over the easily manipulated. That grip loosens by the hour, as you sing and dance the familiar routine.  Promising the moon, while delivering only riches into your own coffers. Hailing yourself as the champion, battling for the voiceless and those who know need.  Yet, proving to be once an empty vessel, you have been filled with your own greed. The institution you have corrupted, delivers no truth. Built to keep check on the system of We, it has devolved into a cheapened tool for thee.  Having lost all of its luster. The masses agree, you reveled too long and loudly in your hypocrisy. You cast stones at the one, who with lesser crimes defeated you, while you wronged the many. The Piper exacts his pound of flesh in the light of day.  Offering a paltry sum of Justice, for those you abused in the dark. They watch as you are pulled from your lofty self righteous perches rejoicing with the world in your fall.

Re: 50 Word Thursday #8

50 Word Thursday#8


He studied for most of the evening.  Finishing the stack of books Mrs. Cavanaugh loaned him.  No closer to an answer, than when he started. He stretched his arms yawning. Then he pushed himself back from the reading table at which he had been seated and rubbed his eyes wearily.


Solace in silence

Silence golden, if eternal
Beckons to me from afar
Soothing and calm, almost maternal
Am I ready for its embrace

Peering beyond the veil
Looking for a port to stay
Filling the days with mediocrity
Were it you in my arms, I’d be ok

I lost, yet not sure you won
Anguish fills your verse and voice
A time I told you would come
Doesn’t matter, too late, it’s undone

You took the stage, as did I
Playing our parts with aplomb
Tears of joy, promises that lie
Solace in silence, beautifully numb

5 Words Prompt 7/3/2018 — Tyler M Deal

Today’s words are: Lemon Land Log Lift Languid The goal is to exercise your brain and split writer’s block. You can write anything! A story, a poem, a paragraph, a sentence, anything! The only rule is that it includes the words given or is inspired by the words given. If you post something, link it […]

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Tear for two

tear rose

Her words are carved deep into the signposts of this journey.  She speaks with a wisdom, a knowledge of life, it should require lifetimes to amass.  

She captivates me. Delighting me with her stunning tales of torment.  Allowing me to know her sorrow. To caress her pain. I had thought once, they were a cry for help.  I have come to discern, to appreciate fully, that she simply reflects my own despair.

As words spoken into a deep and wide canyon, her utterances, are as an echo reverberating back to me.  Delivered by her voice calm and sweet her tear stained narrative seduces my soul.

She makes me laugh as often as we share a tear.  Though it is the misery which has bound we two together.  To the affliction of adoration we are tethered.

Reminding me of the heavy cost exacted in anguish born of having danced too long with heartache.